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I used to order ghost hunting equipment. I placed my order on a Thursday and they had the option of 2 day shipping for an extra 37 dollars.

I did not received my products until 5 days later. When I emailed them my concerns they were unprofessional and extremely unhelpful. In my opinion they looked at me like a dollar sign. They refuse to refund me my extra money.

I will never do business with them again and I suggest you look else where. There are much better sites to buy quality ghost hunting equipment I guarantee you.

Monetary Loss: $37.

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I have used GhostStop and talked to Shawn SEVERAL times and have NEVER had an issue. I think it speaks very poorly of you that you are having a tantrum like a child who didn't get there way. If you weren't happy then don't shop there and move on with your life.


Wow Shawn. You are really trying to shut me down.

You must have something to hind. I got ripped off and that's my opinion. Would I suggest your store to a friend "NO" would I suggest you to anyone "NO". You know you're wrong.

Or at the very least you must know you could have saved me the extra money before putting my order through by sending me a friendly heads up. You did not so I'm sorry I feel ripped off.


Most carriers don't ship on Saturdays. You should have checked that before hitting the Buy button.

How does the company know what day you need it, unless they are psychic. Oh wait, if they sell ghost stuff maybe they are psychic! HAhahaha. I think GhostStop is right here.

Assuming you got it Monday, they did ship as you asked via 2-Day Air.

You're just upset you made that mistake. Disgruntled much?


Without going into details of this customer's particular transaction, we went above and beyond for her even though she admittedly either missed or misunderstood all of our clearly posted notices. She ordered Wednesday evening (after hours) ordering 2-Day Air.

Our site CLEARLY states that we and our shipped does not delivery on Saturdays. This makes the earliest delivery of Monday - which DID happen. So 5-Days is completely falsified because it was shipped 2-Day air and got there in two business days. Actually, our site even says that product availability is 1-2 days and we shipped it the morning we got the order.

So, if anyone's tallying points here, she got her equipment within (actually before) the amount of time posted.

Some people just don't like to read, I suppose. Thanks, and take care.


What part of that doesn't seem like their problem. The part where they ripped me off or the part where they were unhelpful or unsympathetic


It's really not their problem. Seems they have been having unexplained unnatural occurrences. Something to do with ghosts, as oppossed to the bats in your belfry

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