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I used to order ghost hunting equipment.I placed my order on a Thursday and they had the option of 2 day shipping for an extra 37 dollars.

I did not received my products until 5 days later. When I emailed them my concerns they were unprofessional and extremely unhelpful. In my opinion they looked at me like a dollar sign. They refuse to refund me my extra money.

I will never do business with them again and I suggest you look else where.There are much better sites to buy quality ghost hunting equipment I guarantee you.

Monetary Loss: $37.


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WOW, you have crossed a line.I know Shawn personally from all my transactions with Ghost stop.

He is NOT a bully. He is a GREAT person who runs a great business. YOU are the bully. YOU have an OPINION, but so do I .

My opinion is that you are trying to deface a great company because IN MY OPINION. you need the attention. I use Ghoststop all the time and they are the best people, have the greatest products and are fantastic!!! Stop being rude to them.




I have a right to my opinion and a right to state MY experience.Shawn was less then pleasant to me.

And I did not have a great Ghoststop experience. Sorry. There it is. To you of those insulting me..

YOU are just as big of bully as Shawn. And by you replying to this review you are only making it more relevant. I stand by my review.

Get over it.Don't use


I bought a Laser grid from the and was very happy with the service.


Okay you can voice your opinion but really do you have to go that far."Really" And its not Ghost Stops fault once the items are shipped out.

Its the shipping carrier you should be taking your flustrations out on them . There is nothing that Ghost Stop can do .

Anyway I have used Ghost Stop I know them very well and you just need to stay away from them if you are not happy.Let other customers who are buy from them.


I have used Ghoststop SEVERAL times and have ALWAYS gotten top notch service & products.The Founder& Owner Shawn has been nothing but wonderful in helping me with my questions and my products are shipped AS Stated on his Website.

Thanks Shawn for GREAT service and GREAT prices & Products.I look forward to shopping with you as always !!


As someone who has been in the purchasing field for nearly a decade, I've done quite a bit of ordering online from all over the world.I always make a point to look at the shipping details.

I have seen many times that "2 Days" doesn't always mean a literal two days, especially if you're going into a weekend or holiday.

And as for GhostStop, I have dealt with them many times, and have never had any negative encounters.In fact, Shawn has bent over backwards more than once to accommodate me.


I am an avid paranormal investigator.I have used other sites in the past, however when I found I was thrilled.

Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and I experienced great service.Try them for yourself and find out that this truly is the best stop of ghost hunting equipment.


It turns out you have more dissatisfied customers on IPA awards that have been contacting me. So to all your posts - believe me I am not the only one that feels Ghoststop has ripped them off.


Wow...Mel...I'm sorry that you can accept the fact that you caused your own problem.And to use your own words...if you don't want to use ghoststop DON'T.

I'm glad you have an opinion,but as do we all.

There's no need in getting upset since they all differ from yours.:) I'm sure whatever other site you use will be happy to have you


I have been into paranormal investigation now for about 4 years and when I found Ghost Stop, I was stoked. Once I walked through the doors, it became my version of "Cheers". The employees were knowledgeable as well as friendly, despite the claims of this individual.

It is amazing how fearless someone can be when no one else sees your face. Shawn is a good person, a hard worker and a unique brand of individual. The funniest thing about this whole thing is that this one selfish woman is too proud to admit that she did what 99.8% of Americans do - skim instead of read. this time it came to nip her in the ***, and once again like most americans, didn't like to be made a fool of. So, she took it upon herself to drag a good business, and a good mans name through the dirt.

Please do NOT let this womans ignorance have an effect on you. The bare knuckle situation comes down to child throwing a fit and acting as a CHILD does, attempting to destroy someones name.. Online (a faceless medium for most). Someday when they grow up, they will realize that going online and spamming review sites with completely false allegations and hysterical demeanor is not how an ADULT handles themselves.

Shawn built Ghost Stop to a high standard and has done nothing but operate accordingly since.

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