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I used to order ghost hunting equipment.I placed my order on a Thursday and they had the option of 2 day shipping for an extra 37 dollars.

I did not received my products until 5 days later. When I emailed them my concerns they were unprofessional and extremely unhelpful. In my opinion they looked at me like a dollar sign. They refuse to refund me my extra money.

I will never do business with them again and I suggest you look else where.There are much better sites to buy quality ghost hunting equipment I guarantee you.

Monetary Loss: $37.


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I will say this..the equipment I got from Ghoststop worked great!

We finally got to get everyone together last night and we got some good evidence and everyone had a personal experience. So the equipment is quality.

I had a great time and plan on ghost hunting much more.We all have our favorite vendor and I will find another one that I like as much as you guys like Ghoststop.


Thank you, Anna.Yes, I believe I should be refunded.

I am ready to let it go Tree girl, but I will not back down from you or any of Shawn's friends saying I am making slanderous comments.

It's not slander if it's the truth.It's simple.


Having read all these comments.MEL you made the mistake.

2 day air does not include weekends. That's common sense. If you needed it that badly you should have chose next day air. I AGREE with Bob, your to blame not Ghoststop.

They are wonderful people and SHAWN bends over backwards for his customers. I deal with them all the time. Hopefully people thinking about purchasing will see ALL THE GOOD and not your very negative attitude. You made the mistake own it up and move on.

Leave Ghoststop alone and stop slandering their good name.



I can see why you are upset. To pay an extra $37 for two day shipping that takes 5 days. Unless the weather prevented delivery you should be refunded the money.

to Anna Palmdale, California, United States #588530

What is wrong with people.Mel, Anna, are you guys Morons!

2nd day air has NEVER included Saturdays!!

How is that their fault!Are they supposed to hold your hand when you make a purchase?



I have Yet to use But I can tell you this Mel you made A mistake & cannot Admit! So you lay the blame on Why not just own up to your mistake & STOP Slandering Shawn & He has worked Very hard @ Building his Business Oh & one more Thing There are A lot more Positive things being said about Shawn &!!!

Hey Shawn You Rock will be ordering from you very Soon


Florida Paranormal Research Inc.


Dear Melissa, I called you a bully because in many of you prior comments you have said you were being bullied.Then you crossed the line and called my close personal friend a bully.

Then in another comment you said that you have an opinion. You are new to this field of paranormal research. All I care about is that people who do their homework on shops before they buy don't get misinformed. You however are on a mission to smear the Ghoststop name.

WE GET IT YOU HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE. We have all had good experiences. So...... Having said that quit the immature whistle blowing.

We get it. And my name is a nick name that I have had for 14 years. So no I'm not afraid to give my real name.

Enough bashing everyone on here, obviously people LOVE GHOSTSTOP and always will.Seriously enough is enough and you should be ashamed.


My name is Melissa Rivera.Yes, I am new to this field.

I had a bad experience with Ghoststop. You didn't more power to you. I will put my energy into something else. We got our equipment and the ghost hunt we had planned got pushed back until my stuff arrived.

Tonight is the night. I hope the stuff I bought works great. You have my name..

by the way I wasn't trying to hide it lol.So you have your opinion and I have mine and that's that.


Well, Mel won't even use His / Her Real Name!That says it all!

This is an attack on good people. I normally don't comment on threads like this, but I have used GhostStop many times and have always received very good service. I recommend them to all the Teams on the White Noise Paranormal Network and I use them on my own team, Florida Paranormal Research Group, Inc. I have had Shawn on my Show and I strongly believe in his ethics and passion for the Paranormal Field.

Unlike Mel, I am willing to put my name and group name behind what I say! This is obviously all the result of someone that failed to read the website and now won't admit he / she is wrong! The screen name is "melunhappycustomer". They obviously do this a lot.

They like to ruin good people's reputation to feel better about themselves. What a shame. Mel, I suggest that you take all this misplaced hate and anger and apply it to a positive purpose! Are you a Paranormal Researcher?

Have you studied energy at all? Do you understand that when you put out negative Energy, you get it back in spades! You are negative and your attacks are transparent.

I just hope that you are unsuccessful in hurting these great people!Shame on you!


Tree girl..yes I have a opinion and a strong one at that.

Calling me a bully is just plain silly. You guys are the ones coming on here telling me I can't read or add. You are the bully and so are all of his friends. I don't want the attention I want future customers to know that if they order their products Thurs-Fri and choose express shipping..

it won't and therefore they will have wasted their money just like myself. So say what you want. It truly does not phase me. All of you are clearly Shawn's friends and yes you all are bullies just like him, but if you think that will make me back down from my review you are sorely mistaken.

I stand by what I said 100%.

This review is for future customers..I think they deserve a friendly warning.

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